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Avoid The Schizophrenic Stock Market And Discover The Best Short Term Investments

If you need money in the short term, there is no point investing in the stock market, mutual funds or ETFs. A typical short term investment lasts from seven months to a few years as opposed to a long term investment which lasts several decades. You can choose to invest in an online savings or checking account, a Roth IRA, a Money Market account. Short term bond funds or ETFs earn a higher yield than money markets. CDs or Certificate of Deposits are offered by banks. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities or TIPS with 5-year terms are government bonds indexed to inflation. Municipal bonds are riskier than TIPS but with a low default rate. Then there are Corporate Bonds. Another best short term investments technique is to Pay off High Interest Debt like credit cards. Lending Club offers loans from a few hundred to over ten thousand dollars.

Fitting All Your Different Needs In Home Customization – Self Tapping Screws

Are you setting up the switch boards in your newly constructed home? Do you wonder which ideal material to use to make it look neat? The best options available are Self drilling screws and self tapping screws. For self tapping screws, best manufacturer is Tappex. Choosing the latter has more benefits as they assemble dissimilar materials and are widely used for maintenance and repair sessions. Factors to check are

* Size – each fitting requires different sizes and shapes (e.g. Switch board, tube light, tables made of steel or other metals)

* Required Strength – the ability to absorb stress exerted on the placed material thereby helping it make or break the screw.

* Resistance to Corrosion – Being able to withstand the deterioration and chemical breakdown during surface exposure.

* Joint Material – Weakens or strengthens the joints between materials after using a fastener

* Cost – Economical and easily available

* Temperature – Entirely depends on the material being used and the capacity for the screw not to melt or break.

A complete guide to laminate wood flooring that you will never find!

Laminate wood floorings are very popular in the market today. What is a laminate? Laminate is synthetic flooring made by laminating layers of different materials using heat, pressure, and adhesive. The bottom layer is a stabilizer layer that consists of resin and melamine which are resistant to moisture.

The core layer which takes the weight of the foot traffic is made up of fibreboards reinforced with resin. The next layer is the decorative layer where the patterns or designs are printed. The topmost layer is the wear layer which is an extremely tough layer made up of aluminum oxide or melamine and protects the laminate from damages and scratches. Laminate wood floorings are very easy to install and are manufactured with grooves that just lock into each other. The panel comes with dry glue which is activated with a swipe of wet cloth on it. This is what you should know when buying laminate wood flooring online. You have to be aware of the basics.

Although laminates replicate the look of hardwood surfaces, they contain no wood materials. Laminates are also manufactured to replicate bamboo, stone, ceramic and bricks. Laminate wood flooring is stain and mold resistant and highly durable. They are often used in hallways, lobby, bedroom, drawing and dining rooms. Certain laminates are manufactured as water resistant making them ideal for kitchen and bathrooms.

Safe and Reliable Hair Removal in Sydney

Laser hair removal treatment has found a large way into the beauty industry for its quality and pain less treatment. Laser Clinics in Sydney uses the most safe and reliable method to remove the unwanted hair. To check out there rates, visit http://www.reemaslaserclinic.com.au/

laser treatment in sydney

The laser treatments are designed in keeping of the view of the sensitive skin and that these lasers are safe enough to penetrate through any part of our skin. The clinics in Sydney use a wide beam of light that enables in removing many strands of hair at the same time. They also assess the skin and hair of each individual client before they perform the treatment.

Helm Hill Runners’ 2014 Christmas fancy dress run

2014 English fell running champion Tom Addison steals the show with a Rudolph mankini! Six-mile Helm Hill club Christmas fancy dress run. Fun and banter galore!